News: idiotech to play VegFest Bristol 2015

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blog: I keep on moving with the lights on...

(Evokateur, Mary at Midnight, Sean Seraphim, and idiotech at Satan's Circus, 25 October 2011)

Several years ago, I did my first laptop-based DJ sets at mash-up night 'Legs & Co. But I always felt the laptop created a barrier - not just the physical barrier of laptop screen, but also the lost connection between what the audience sees and what they hear. ( I talk about this more in my blog entry on Ulrich Schnauss's London gig, back in June). So I've stuck to decks ever since.

News: Oxjam - Undiscovered Sessions

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I'm going to be playing a few tunes at the launch of Undiscovered Sessions in "Satan's Circus" at the Wenlock & Essex on Tuesday 25 October in aid of Oxfam (as part of the Oxjam Music Festival).

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